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How to Warm Up Your GSuite Account for Cold Email

How to get your GSuite account warmed up to send cold emails.

Email Warmup Strategy

Ensure that you don't get treated as a spammer by ISP's.
Verify Your Email List
Bounce rate will kill your sending reputation quicker than you can blink. Use something like Easy List Verify to verify your emails.
Check SPF/DKIM/DMARC Records
Without these domain records, and sending cold emails - you're sure to get blocked. Make sure these are in place to raise your reputation.
Warm Up Your Email Address
Gradually start sending personalized emails until you've sent enough reputation signals to add cold outreach to the sending mix.

Verify Your Email List

Bounce rate is the number of invalid emails you send to. The higher your bounce rate, the worse your deliverability will be.

The best way to improve bounce rate (and deliverability) is to Verify or Validate your email list.

Get started by going to EmailListVerify and sign up to get 100 credits free.
Verify email lists to lower bounce rate
Add SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to your domain to increase deliverability

Check your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are the three security mechanisms that protect you from hackers, phishers, and help to avoid spam. ISPs treat these seriously, so before you start using your new email account for campaign sending, you need to set them up.

Learn how to set up SPF record here.
Read how to set up DKIM here.
Read how to set up DMARC here.

Warm Up Your Email Address

Send manual emails to your friends and peers at first to be sure they get opened and answered.

Ask your friends to open your emails, mark them "not spam" in case the email was delivered to their Spam folder, and reply to you. Try to send to different email hosting providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

Week 1: 25 emails/day
Week 2: 50 emails/day
Week 3: 75 emails/day
Week 4: 100 emails/day

Or, automate the process with ProspectingToolkit.
How to warm up your Gsuite account for cold email
Pro Tip: Check your email deliverability regularly.